Trump Retweets Hateful, Misogynistic Video of Himself Assaulting Clinton, Internet Unloads on Him

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The tendency for the media to normalize Donald Trump has been evident in the past week or two. Following the tragic consequences of two major hurricanes, Trump behaved in a manner that would ordinarily be portrayed as routine. But for him it is heralded as a pivot to the presidential demeanor that has escaped him for the past ten months. The question of Trump pivoting keeps coming up despite the fact that he always reverts to his standard juvenile boorishness.

Sunday morning Trump proved once again that he can’t maintain any semblance of dignity for more than a few minutes. He unleashed a fury of inane tweets that affirm his status as an infantile embarrassment to the nation. Most prominently is this one that also appears to advocate violence against women:

Donald Trump's amazing golf swing #CrookedHillary

— CNN SUCKS (@Fuctupmind) September 14, 2017


That’s right. Trump is now posting videos that show him deliberately assaulting Hillary Clinton. This is from the same man who frequently insults women and has confessed to sexual assaults. It is beyond repulsive that America now has a leader who has no qualms about such misogynistic hostility. Even worse, he thinks it’s funny.

Well, the Internet, not known for its subtlety, doesn’t agree. The reaction to Trump’s tastelessness was swift and brutal. For example:

Trump just RTed this video showing Trump hitting Hillary with a golf ball. This is the moment Trump became president.

— Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) September 17, 2017


On behalf of Hillary Clinton the Nation should file a lawsuit against @POTUS for abuse and targeted harassment. Abusing power of Office

— Claudia (@theClaudiaInez) September 17, 2017


Some guy with the Twitter handle Fuct Up Mind posts something childish and finds an audience…The President. @realDonaldTrump Pathetic.

— Martyn LeNoble (@martynlenoble) September 17, 2017


When Kathy Griffin fantasized about doing violence to him, Trump demanded the whole nation share his outrage. Most did. And now …

— David Frum (@davidfrum) September 17, 2017


#sad @realDonaldTrump has class of a sloped-headed parallel biped. Example of crass, rude, "Ugly American" #Veteran I'm ashamed he's @POTUS

— LuvRedHotReads (@LuvHotReads) September 17, 2017


Words fail. The president, folks, but not far from the boy who lobbed rocks at a neighbor's baby carriage. Thinks hitting women is funny.

— Ruth Marcus (@RuthMarcus) September 17, 2017


Encouraging violence against women isn't a joke. @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump

— Ruth Schroeder (@RuthSchroeder18) September 17, 2017


Great efforts to continue to unite us all, @realDonaldTrump. We should all be unified soon with efforts like this.

— Jonathan (@ChaseDaylight) September 17, 2017


A panel on CNN addressed this subject this morning and their reaction can be summed up by anchor John King saying that “We can’t find the words,” and that “It is insane.” A couple of panelists elaborated saying:

Julie Hirschfeld: He’ll come out on a Saturday morning and blow himself up with these crazy tweets that are not presidential. They don’t forward any particular agenda of his. I mean, this wasn’t about immigration, it wasn’t about any policy thing. It’s just something he probably thought was funny.

Malika Henderson: They believe in him they trust him. By and large they’re willing to make sort of excuses for him if he doesn’t follow through on whatever he says he would. He was right. He said that he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and he wouldn’t lose any followers.

Trump is so obsessed with his popular vote loss to Hillary Clinton that he can’t stop thinking about it. It’s eating him up, inside and out. So he has to attack her at every opportunity. His ego and vengefulness are character flaws that could erupt into catastrophe. He exhibits the same kind of schoolyard antics when referring to hostile foreign nations. This morning on Twitter he called North Korea’s Kim Jung Un “Rocket Man.” How is that supposed to ease tensions and resolve international conflicts?

Note the media: Donald Trump is NOT going to change. He’s a seventy-one year old narcissist and bully. He doesn’t know how to behave like an adult, much less a president. He’s an imminent threat to the security of the country and the world. And in his spare time he promotes violence against women. While his approval ratings are in the toilet, he manages to hang on to a few Deplorable disciples. WTF is wrong with them? This scourge on America must end, and soon. #ImpeachTrump ASAP.

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