Trump Pilloried On Twitter For Lying ‘We Have The Votes In The Senate’ On Graham-Cassidy

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Donald Trump is not teachable. He’s obviously not very bright and he’s also not teachable. His preferred modus communicado is Twitter and it crucified him just yesterday for his inane remarks on how portentuous that thing called the Atlantic is. Then just this morning, Trump once again reprised his “Jimmy Two Times” character from the movie “Goodfellas.” Trump must worship the guy because, just like him, he repeats everything he says twice — or more. Today’s gaffe du jour was to say, “We have the votes on Graham-Cassidy,” to an audience in Indiana.

Trump on health care: "We have the votes on Graham-Cassidy."

This would be news to literally everyone in the Senate.

— Pete Schroeder (@peteschroeder) September 27, 2017


Trump just said 6 times that Graham-Cassidy failed because “there was a senator in the hospital.”
There are no senators in the hospital.

— Christina Wilkie (@christinawilkie) September 27, 2017


Trump on Graham Cassidy just ow: "We have the votes." Which every senator knows is not true. Please, someone call "A Place For Mom."

— Randi Mayem Singer (@rmayemsinger) September 27, 2017


McConnell announced yesterday bill would not be brought to floor for vote. Did Fox not cover that for Trump, since he gets his info there?

— Mtercsak (@MTercsak) September 27, 2017


When Apprentice ratings TANKED Trump wld call the producer everyday & brag abt how they were rated #1. Both knew it was a lie! #TaxReform

— April (@speakout_april) September 27, 2017


"We don't have the votes," Graham-Cassidy sponsor Sen. Cassidy said Tuesday.

"We have the votes," Pres. Trump said today.

— Alana Miller (@alanagmiller) September 27, 2017


Those who don’t learn from history are bound to re-tweet it.

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