Trump claims he had no idea Flynn was a foreign lobbyist when he tapped him as top security advisor


It would be nice if the Donald Trump “administration” could go longer than three days or so between scandals, but nope. Wishful thinking.

The White House says President Donald Trump was unaware that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was being paid to act on behalf of a foreign government when he was chosen for his key post in January.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says Trump had no knowledge Flynn lobbied for a company with ties to Turkey’s government.

So the administration was taken unawares that their own selected national security adviser had a freaking side gig lobbying for a foreign government-tied company and was meeting with foreign government officials on behalf of that company, as Flynn finally has admitted in new Justice Department filings.

In the filings, Flynn acknowledged meeting with Turkey’s foreign minister and other officials.

Oh, sure. That’s the sort of thing that would totally fly under the radar in the top-notch Trump vetting department. Just slipped everybody’s mind. Oh, and nobody knew, except that everybody knew because it was his actual freaking day job.

Spicer on Flynn’s (newly revealed) role as registered foreign agent: "This is what he did for a living."

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) March 9, 2017



So he was a registered foreign agent from the beginning and the campaign was both fine with that and didn’t know it to begin with because, ya know, who cares. And these are the same people who are worried that refugee children haven’t been “extreme vetted” enough.

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