Trump’s popularity isn’t the ONLY thing "in the toilet".

artfinksters / Instagram gold toilet...
artfinksters / Instagram

     This is just too beautiful not to share. This comes via courtesy of the Huffington Post, and if it doesn’t restore your faith in justice and righteous retribution in this world, then I don’t know what will.

Turns out, some people know how to potty party. Starting on day 100, these little beauties started popping up all over the place;

     These things are popping up all over. One student at Emory University in Muncie Indiana was thrilled to see one. According to the brain behind this child, someone known only as “Art Finkster”, there are 50-60 artists who are spray painting toilets gold, and then placing them in public places.

     I just hope that somebody tweets a copy of this to Herr Twitler so he can join in the fun!

Here are some more gold toilet photos from artfinksters:

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