Trump’s absurd claims that Susan Rice committed a crime prove that he is demented once and for all


Enough already— it’s long past time to stop Donald Trump from making wild accusations that he knows are simply not true. For a while (back before his candidacy was actually viable) it seemed vaguely fun to laugh them off as the machinations of a delusional crazy person but, in all seriousness, there is nothing funny about mental illness. And there is most definitely nothing funny about him and his cronies hijacking our government and turning it into something completely unrecognizable. His obsession with the Obama administration and his penchant for blaming the black man who held the office before him for everything that he isn’t and everything that he can’t seem to get done has quickly grown old and is, frankly, dangerous. Beyond unsubstantiated claims of wiretapping and now blaming Obama as the reason that Syria has used chemical weapons on its own people nearly three months into his presidency, Trump has major issues when it comes to accountability and fact-based claims—a quality that presents a major issue when it comes to being the President of the United States. 

Which is why his latest bizarre and utterly claim, that Susan Rice committed a crime, must be called out for exactly what it is, complete and total bullsh*t. On Wednesday, Trump appears to have dreamt up some new scheme to further blame anything Obama related and blame Rice for seeking the identities of Trump associates in the surveillance of foreign officials by American spy agencies.

The president provided no evidence to back his claim. Current and former intelligence officials from both Republican and Democratic administrations have said that nothing they have seen led them to believe that Ms. Rice’s actions were unusual or unlawful. When Americans are swept up in surveillance of foreign officials by intelligence agencies, their identities are supposed to be obscured, but they can be revealed for national security reasons, and intelligence officials say it is a regular occurrence.

“I think it’s going to be the biggest story,” Mr. Trump said in an interview in the Oval Office. “It’s such an important story for our country and the world. It is one of the big stories of our time.”

He declined to say if he had personally reviewed new intelligence to bolster his claim but pledged to explain himself “at the right time.”

At the right time? And just when exactly will that be? We all know that “time” will never come. As is the Trump way (like some demented Pied Piper), he stirs the pot with enough of these lies to send the press and the American people scrambling, knowing full well this will distract us from the real story—his completely corrupt and inept administration which has absolutely no place near the White House. Never mind the fact that this administration seems to be waging an unrelenting war against black women (the latest victim of whom is Rice) who refuse to be silenced about what he is doing.

Meanwhile, Rice (and all the victims of his preposterous allegations) gets put in the position of having to defend herself against any wrongdoing.

Ms. Rice has denied any impropriety. A spokeswoman for Ms. Rice, Erin Pelton, said in an email on Wednesday, “I’m not going to dignify the president’s ludicrous charge with a comment.”

In an interview on Tuesday with MSNBC, Ms. Rice said: “The allegation is that somehow the Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes. That’s absolutely false.”

Ugh. This is sickening. The idiot, degenerate and dangerous clown with a microphone gets consistent airtime and headlines with baseless claims and its the folks who do nothing wrong who have to respond. Please wake us up when this hideous nightmare is over.

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