Trump’s Russia-media war room. What could go wrong?

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     It’s now reaching the point where I don’t know if the idiots in the White House have finally lost their minds, or if I’ve finally lost mine. Trump is due home late tomorrow night, and I’ll bet Melania will already have the engines spooled up for her flight back to New York by the time Air force One touches down at Andrews. But it’s what happens starting on about Monday that’s gonna be the next three ring circus around here.

     Reports are coming in that the Trump White House has finally, with the appointment of Bob Mueller as the Special Prosecutor for the Trump=-Russia investigation come to the belated realization that Da Boss is not going to be able to make this damn thing disappear. For all I know, some of the ones who actually graduated Pre-K might have twigged to the fact that Trump’s Inspector Clouseau bumbling only made things worse. But they have a grand plan to deal with it.

     Now that they finally understand that this is not going away until they’re all either gone or in jail, they’re starting up a “War Room” (their words) to deal with the crisis exclusively, so that the rest of the staff doesn’t look like a bunch of lemmings running after the orange leader to the cliff. But the lineup of this crisis management team is pure Trump, just what you’d expect from a guy who hired a New York lawyer who handled some of his divorce work to keep him from being impeached.

     According to NBCnews, and MSNBC, his crisis team will be headed by Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus and jared Kushner. This is pure box office gold! Bannon and Kushner had to be sent to different corners a couple of months ago because they wouldn’t share the sandbox shovel. And in Kushner, you have a man supervising the crisis management for a crisis that he’s a named person of interest in. And Priebus is walking around on eggshells hoping the FBI don’t tap him on the shoulder because there were notes or recordings of his attempts to shut or slow down the FBI. What could go wrong?

     And these quibbledicks are supposed to be supervising a phalanx of surrogates and “street fighters”. Surrogates? Really? At this point, who in the hell with a single shred of integrity wants to defend Trump?!? They should have thought of this before Boris Epshteyn signed on to his new low rent gig. Maybe Spongebob Squarepants can use some part time work? “Street Fighters”? The only two names I’ve heard bandied about for that enviable task are Corey Lewandowski, and David Bossie. Lewandowski was so hated by Jared and Ivanka that they engineered a shiv in the back departure for him when he was campaign manager, and now he’s gonna be the last bastion of defense for dear old Dad? And Davey boy Bossie got his scum swimming start for the GOP back during Whitewater, and ended up being publicly and humiliatingly shitcanned for his tactics in “investigating” for a GOP congressional committee in the 1990’s. His only purpose on the Trump campaign was his overwhelming hatred of the Clinton’s, which was music to Trump’s ear.

     The Democrats couldn’t write this script any better themselves. Trump picks a personal lawyer with no experience in running an investigatory defense team, then he picks the political version of Moe, Larry and Curly to isolate and deal with this problem, and to put icing on the cake he hires two guys with all of the integrity and gravitas of Charlie Manson to defend him to the press. If he has to hire anybody else on this, he’s gonna run out of “best and brightest” people to choose from.

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