Trump’s Gallup daily tracking hits all-time low of 33 percent

Andrew Dallos / Flickr At the Donald Trump press conference...
Andrew Dallos / Flickr

In case the one-two punch of the Paul Manafort indictment and George Papadopoulos plea agreement isn’t delicious enough on this Monday, take this in …

Gallup daily tracking poll showing Trump at 33 percent disapproval/62 percent disapproval rating.

That’s Trump’s all-time low approval, along with his highest disapproval rating (62 percent!) since becoming president. Trump is pretty much the all-time leading loser of Gallup’s daily tracking poll this early in a presidency. Point of comparison: Historian Kevin Kruse notes that Trump’s 33 percent approval is lower than Ike, JFK, LBJ,  Ford, Reagan, Clinton or Obama ever had during their presidencies.

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