Legal Analyst: Firing Comey is a ‘Grotesque Abuse of Power’

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Larry D. Moore / Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump’s dismissal of FBI director James Comey, whatever the motivations for it, now underscores the need more than ever for a special prosecutor to investigate the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

It’s unclear who exactly will take over the FBI’s ongoing investigation into the Trump-Russia connection. But whoever Trump picks as Comey’s replacement will immediately lack even the faintest veneer of independence and impartiality. In fact, as legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said when the news broke:

“It’s a grotesque abuse of power by the President of the United States. This is the kind of thing that goes on in non-democracies—that when there is an investigation that reaches near the president of the United States, or the leader of a non-democracy, they fire the people who were in charge of the investigation.”

This is as close to a Constitutional crisis as anything we’ve seen since Watergate. 

Watch Toobin’s analysis below the fold.

Strong words from Jeffrey Toobin: "a grotesque abuse of power by the president…This is the kind of thing that goes on in non-democracies"

— David Mack (@davidmackau) May 9, 2017


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