Keith Olbermann: There’s No Excuse For Not Arresting Kushner

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Long time diarist, long time no diaries.

Obviously my “Resistance” series for GQ gets a lot of play elsewhere but for reasons I can’t fathom it never struck me until today that it might be rewarding for the community if I posted them here. If there’s response I’ll do so earlier in the day as these get uploaded.

The gist here is simple: no matter which excuse the Trump Regime is using for Kushner’s push to use Russian Spy Communications Channels to talk to the Kremlin and avoid detection by the lawful government of the United States, they all involve him breaking one law or another (or many). The story the Trump Clown College of a Press Office has stuck to longest is that this was something to do with getting information about Syria from Russia, which is still covert contact with one enemy nation about a second enemy nation. That alone could be subject to espionage laws, and that one is the best story they’ve come up with so far…

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