The great Republican spine hunt continues … without success


In an effort to show off his Russian pals what a big man he is, Donald Trump gave up the highest level of classified information. He managed to pull this trick exactly one day after firing the FBI director for continuing the investigation into Trump–Russia connections. In other words, Trump solved the problem of the investigation into possible collusion with Russia, by openly colluding with Russia. And laughing about it. In the White House.

In response to this brazen disregard for national security, international alliances, and the lives of agents on the ground, Republicans are finally standing up, and … flopping over like jellyfish.

Is this good for … John McCain?

“We certainly don’t want any president to leak classified information but the president does have the right to do that.”

What about little Marco Rubio?

Rubio says he hasn’t read the Washington Post report on Trump and classified info, and won’t comment on it.

Susan Collins … is busy talking about how firing Comey had nothing to do with Russia investigation.

Paul Ryan says individuals who are careless with classified information should be denied further access … oh, wait. That’s something he said about Hillary Clinton’s emails. This time, Ryan is waiting for all the facts.

Mitch McConnell … has apparently pulled into his shell.

Over the next day, expect to hear more firm positions on how this …

  • Is no big deal.
  • Isn’t nearly as bad as that time Hillary had an email with the letter ‘c’ in the middle.
  • Is a witch hunt
  • Isn’t as bad as something some Democrat supposedly did within the last 30 (or possibly 50) years.
  • Isn’t an issue because if the president says it, it’s no classified.
  • Is fake news.

Stay tuned as the search for a Republican spine continues. Teams are now breaking out the high powered microscopes.

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