Sessions could lose his law license for role in firing Comey after recusal

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In an article published on an Alabama website,, Jennifer Rubins quotes legal experts who argue that Sessions involvement in the firing of FBI Director James Comey could cost him his law license, which would be a major problem for the Attorney General.

In the article, Rubins points out that Sessions has publicly recused himself from any investigation into Russian connections (March 2) with the Trump campaign and that Comey has testified he is heading that FBI investigation (March 20). Then on May 9, Sessions is explicitly noted by President Trump as recommending to fire Comey. Because of his recusal, Sessions should not have been involved in that decision. As it is a breach of legal ethics, it could cost him is law license.

Refusing to recuse oneself from a conflict or breaking the promise to recuse from a conflict is a serious breach of legal ethics. “Someone could file a bar complaint, and/or one with DOJ’s office of professional responsibility, if Sessions had a conflict of interest when it came to the firing decision, and if he did not follow the ethics rules, including those of DOJ by acting when he had a conflict of interest,” legal ethics expert Norman Eisen tells me. “The fact that he broke his recusal commitment, if he did, would be relevant context, and violating an agreement can sometimes in itself be an ethics violation.” In sum, Sessions has risked his law license, whether he realized it or not. He needs to testify immediately under oath; if there is no satisfactory explanation, he must resign. The alternative could be impeachment proceedings.

It seems that Session is in a whole heap of trouble.

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