Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into Russia has no staff, no witnesses, no progress


With Devin Nunes leading the House Intelligence Committee down the “unmasking” blind alley, there’s been a general feeling that at least the Senate investigation appeared to be on track. Multiple articles were written praising Republican Committee Chairman Richard Burr who, despite his own connections to Trump, made good noises about being impartial, country first, etc. But while the House investigation finally seems to be getting back down to business, the truth seems to be that Richard Burr has been following one of the core precepts of Donald Trump: Talk big, but do nothing.

As the Daily Beast reported over the weekend, Burr hasn’t moved the Senate investigation even one step forward. They have no staff …

The investigation does not have a single staffer dedicated to it full-time, and those staff members working on it part-time do not have significant investigative experience. 

They have talked to none of the principals …

No interviews have been conducted with key individuals suspected of being in the Trump-Russia orbit: not Michael Flynn, not Roger Stone, not Carter Page, not Paul Manafort, and not Jared Kushner, according to two sources familiar with the committee’s procedures.

And Yahoo News shows how confidence that the senior circuit was going to handle this thing properly has been strongly eroded.

More than three months after the Senate Intelligence Committee launched its investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election — including allegations of collusion by associates of President Trump — the panel has made little progress and is increasingly stymied by partisan divisions that are jeopardizing the future of the inquiry, according to multiple sources involved in the probe.

By “partisan divisions” they mean “Republicans refuse to do anything.”

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