Sen. Schumer calls Trump and Tillerson’s bend to Moscow a ‘grave dereliction of duty’

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In a scorching statement, Sen. Chuck Schumer called the results of Trump’s meeting with Putin “unacceptable,” “disgraceful” and “grave dereliction of duty” after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson shrugged off Russian hacking evidence and said the issue will “remain unresolved.” No! It isn’t unresolved. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is sounding the alarm that the Russians will be back for our 2018 elections and beyond.

Sen. Schumer isn’t holding back any punches:

“President Trump had an obligation to bring up Russia’s interference in our election with Putin, but he has an equal obligation to take the word of our Intelligence Community rather than that of the Russian President. For Secretary Tillerson to say that this issue will remain unresolved is disgraceful—— To give equal credence to the findings of the American Intelligence Community and the assertion by Mr. Putin is a grave dereliction of duty and will only encourage Russia to further interfere in our elections in the future.

Working to compromise the integrity of our election process cannot and should not be an area where “agree to disagree” is an acceptable conclusion. Congress and Americans of al political persuasions and parties should do all they can to increase sanctions on Russia and prevent the reduction of sanctions by the executive branch.”

Schumer hits Trump and Tillerson for a "grave dereliction of duty" in Putin meeting.

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) July 7, 2017


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