Sen. Franken outraged at Sessions: ‘He owes it to this committee to come back and explain himself’


Minnesota Sen. Al Franken has about had it with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ lie under oath regarding Russia followed by his subsequent lie that he never lied. In defense of his initial lie that he “did not” communicate with the Russians, Sessions updated his testimony by asserting, “My answer was correct.”

I did not mention communications I had had with the Russian ambassador over the years because the question did not ask about them,” he wrote.

True, Franken didn’t ask specifically about Sessions’ contacts with Russian officials— Sessions perjured himself by freely offering that he himself never had such contacts. But just because Sessions lied in response to a question that wasn’t asked, doesn’t mean he didn’t lie. Franken was understandably indignant during Tuesday’s hearing for Rod Rosenstein, who’s been tapped to be Sessions’ No. 2.

“I think Sen. Sessions should come back,” Franken told Senate Judiciary Committee chair Chuck Grassley. “I think he owes it to this committee to come back—and to explain himself.” Franken continued:

He answered a question I didn’t ask and for him to put this in his letter as a response is insulting and he should come back and explain himself, Mr. Chairman. I think he owes that to us. … And I have bent over backward not to say that he lied. He needs to come back.

Let’s be clear: Sessions lied. He had the chance to correct the record after Michael Flynn resigned for his undisclosed Russian contacts, but he instead let the lie stand. And once his lie was uncovered, he ‘corrected’ the record by lying again.

That makes Sessions once, twice, three times a liar.

Watch Sen. Franken below.

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