Rick Wilson Unleashes A Fire And Brimstone Tweetstorm Against His Authoritarian Republican Party.

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@TheRickWilson / Twitter

Rick Wilson is a Conservative Republican we would all love to hate in normal times.  But anyone who thinks these are normal times (I’m looking at you NPR!!) is not only delusional, but they are putting all of us in danger.  I know that my continuous use of the word fascists to describe Republicans offends many here, but I truly believe that the danger really is that great.

If the Republicans allow Trump to fire Mueller, where’s the line?!!  The rule of law will be completely broken and if we don’t take to the streets and go full nuclear, Trump and the fascist GOP will have the signal that they can do anything.  Remember that free and fair elections were already under attack by the Republicans long before Trump came around.  Even though the public may support Democrats in 2018, whether the Republican/Russian controlled election process will allow us to win will be in question.

Rick Wilson understands the danger his party represents and unloads on them once again.  

1/ Fire Mueller. Do it. Fire Mueller.

Do it, because it's time for the final divorce between the clickservatives and any pretense they….

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) June 13, 2017


2/ …believe in the rule of law. Let’s just *get it the fuck ON* and end this shabby pretense that we still live in a nation of laws.

3/ So clickservatives, Trump fellators, fanboys, grunting MAGA mouthbreathers, SING OUT now.

4/ I really want to know. Is there anything he can do that strikes your conscience? Is there any sin, any excess, any affront?

5/No? GOOD. That makes it easy for all of us.

6/ Just go ALL IN. Get a TRUMP logo tramp stamp. Name your kids after him. Pledge fealty for you and all the generations of your offspring.

7/ Stop pussyfooting around the edges. Come right out and say it; all you care about is that he pisses off people you hate.

8/ So come on…Pledge loyalty and obedience to Trump, not America or the Constitution. You’re already SO CLOSE.

9/ Call for Mueller to be fired, Comey to be imprisoned, Wilson to be eaten by wild dogs.

10/ You’re already filled with atavistic lust for the purge, the long knives, the broken glass, the whiff of grapeshot.

11/ You excuse EVERYTHING because duh librul media or whatever bullshit fantasy you believe he fulfills. Go all the way!

12/ So, let’s just have the supine, ten-dollar hooker clickservatives write a million “But Comey” gruntpieces for a little fig leaf.

13/ So you can pretend there’s a reason for letting Trump’s utterly obvious corruption slide, not just an excuse.

14/ So fire Mueller. Call for it. Be on the record. While you’re at it, call for permanent immunity for Trump for all crimes.

15/ Why not? He’ll piss off the media, and that’s worth everything, right? What’s a little authoritarianism in exchange?

16/ Ohhhh, I know. You’re SO MAD someone in the media or culture doesn’t agree with Esoteric Trumpism in every detail.

17/ Is Trump honest? Is he a conservative? Is he a Constitutionalist? Does he believe in the rule of law? Who cares? He makes duh rawr.

18/ Embrace his utter fucking degeneracy and third-world generalissimo act. It’s the new you! Ride with it!

19/ Trump juche is real conservatism. It’s the real path for the GOP. Forget laws and principles, and just vow eternal loyalty.

20/ So fire Mueller. Call for it. Be on the record. Let’s just get it done, because I’m sure you’re tired of all these petty laws…

21/ …and norms and guardrails that stop Kim Jong Don from truly Making the Democratic Peoples Republic of Trumperica Great Again.

22/ Teach your kids that the laws are for people other than the President. That’s Donald Trump was rid of those troublesome priests.

23/ Embrace unlimited state power, the end of legal accountability, and the ruthless will to power was the only metric of leadership.

24/ What could possibly go wrong?

These are historic and dangerous times and you will be remembered for what you did to save democracy in America.


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