#Resist: ‘March for Truth’ will be held in 100+ cities this Saturday

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Whatever else you might say about Donald Trump, he’s certainly been inspiring Americans to adopt a regular exercise routine.

Marches are planned in Washington, D.C., and a 135 other cities Saturday, according to organizers, which include many of same groups that organized the previous anti-Trump rallies.

Saturday’s “March for Truth” will include speeches from Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks and Javier Muñoz, the star of Hamilton, among other actors and musicians. Members of Congress will address several rallies, including Texas Rep. Al Green, who has been one of the most outspoken voices calling to impeach Trump.

The focus of the march will be to “call for urgent investigations into Russian interference in the U.S. election and ties to Donald Trump, his administration and his associates.” Want to attend? You can go here to find your nearest march. Go, have fun, bring signs.

There was a point, in the before-days, when you really didn’t have to hold rallies for basic concepts like science. There was also, or so the stories go, a time when Congress would feel some primal urge to investigate foreign efforts to bend American elections to their will without being shamed into it by the public. But those are just stories, and the current Republican-held Congress isn’t interested so long as the result is an administration that will rubber-stamp their efforts to roll back civil rights, voting rights, the American safety net.

So here we are.

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