Former Republican Congressman: Donald Trump is done. There is no question about that.


A Republican with a spine appeared on the 11th Hour with Brian Williams and had a striking statement about the Donald Trump’s presidency. And he went much further as he described possible outcomes in this excerpted video. Are we at Trump’s twilight?

Former Congressman David Jolly (R-FL) did not mince his words about the state of the Donald Trump presidency. It is over.

“It is remarkable Brian tonight how many Republicans support a special counsel once the decision has been made,” said David Jolly. “And I think we’ve watched that. Listen, view this thru the short lens. The short lens, this is actually win-win. Democrats get the investigation that they think is right for the country. Republicans have an opportunity to put the investigation over here in this lane and then say okay now we get back to legislating.”

Jolly then said the following with a dark demeanor. He realizes the Trump presidency is dead in one form or another.

David Jolly reveals an inconvenient truth about Donald Trump

“But in the long lens,” Jolly said with a sigh. “Donald Trump is done. He is done. There is no question about that. He’s done. Look at what happened in the first hundred days. Director Comey, one of the top law enforcement officers in the country, makes memos of every interaction he had with the president of the United States. Tonight, Rosenstein comes out in the brief two or three weeks he has to make an impact and says, we need a special counsel. That is historic in terms of a hundred days of a new president.”

Brian Williams then asked if he is speaking about the ejection of a sitting president or maybe just figuratively. Jolly’s answer illustrated the dire straits many believe the Republican Party is in currently.

“So the legislative agenda,” Jolly said. “They have the opportunity if they can right the ship on this. Right? But if not, we are looking at eighteen months before Democrats likely will take control of the House and then you have a sitting president who last we saw was in 1992 when George Bush, forty-one was challenged by Pat Buchanan. If Trump decides to run for reelection, I think you see a primary.”

David Jolly is right on most accounts. And Progressives should understand one particular portion of his statement. Passing a legislative agenda is still possible. Republicans control both chambers of Congress. They can pass most of the laws they want through reconciliation. All they need is Trump’s hand for a signature. In fact, they may get more out of a Trump under duress because they can dangle the possibility of a pardon if he helps them get their draconian agenda.

It is clear that the Republican establishment knew that Donald Trump had a Russian taint. This sad reality was revealed recently in a secret recording where House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan discussed it.

Progressives must not just sit back and wait for the results of the Russia/Trump collusion investigation. They must continue to engage their representatives. Visit Indivisible Guide to get guidance. If we all engage, we will make a change.

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