Source: Recorded evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Trump’s children


Democratic insider Claude Taylor is now reporting that there is recorded evidence against three of Trump’s children: Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. He is claiming both an intelligence community source and a legal source telling him the same thing.

Here is the tweet:

And then this clarification that Tiffany (the unknown Trump offspring) is not included:

So, we just have the three implicated: Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr.

Claude Taylor is a former White House staff member for the Clinton administration. His sources have gained credibility over the last week, since his report of grand juries being formed in the Trump-Russia investigation preceded confirmation by CNN by 10 days, as detailed here.

And Rick Wilson, who calls himself a “GOP Media Guy” on Twitter, acknowledges that Claude [Taylor] is getting things right:

If Taylor is right on this one too, a major event in American history is upon us.

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