Rep. Quigley Back from Covert Cyprus Trip to Probe Trump-Russia – Nails Down Motive

Eric Guo / Flickr ...
Eric Guo / Flickr

From Crain’s Chicago Business:

Chicago Congressman Mike Quigley is just back from a hush-hush two-day trip to Cyprus, the latest development in the probe of Russian intervention in the U.S. election and whether aides to Donald Trump colluded with it.

Quigley, a Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, which is probing potential Trump-Russia ties, wouldn’t say too much about what exactly he found out during his two-day trip, in which he was accompanied only by a military escort. But he sure dropped some riveting hints.

“The Russians laundered money to avoid (U.S.) sanctions” over Russia’s seizure of Crimea and other matters, Quigley told me. “That makes it front-and-center in this investigation. . . .Sanctions are the possible motives for collusion.”…

It has long been suspected that Trump is involved in Russian money laundering, but  I always assumed it was for the Russian Mafia and other unsavory types. But if what Quigley said is accurate, it’s quite possible Trump was laundering money for Putin and/or the Russian Government itself. Which of course, Putin could then use to blackmail Trump, because aiding in the violation of U.S. Sanctions is surely a serious crime.

Not to mention the suspicious fact that Trump’s hand-picked Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, was until recently the vice chairman of a bank…based in Cyprus. Hmmm wonder if he was involved…

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