Rep. Al Green: Currently Drafting Articles of Impeachment

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Democratic Representative Al Green (Tex), who last week called for impeachment of Donald Trump on the floor of Congress, now says he is planning to move forward and is “currently crafting, drafting if you will, articles of impeachment”.

Watch him tell C-Span:

Rep. Green believes that Trump obstructed justice when he fired FBI Director and that he has confessed during his television interview with Lester Holt.Green said he is working with Constitutional lawyers, but has no definite timeline for filing his resolution for impeachment. He is waiting to see if others will join in. However, he would be prepared to go at it alone if need be:

At some point, we’ll wait to see what others will do, and if no one else does, the president has committed an impeachable act, and I will take it upon myself to do that.

Death threats were made against Rep. Green after his open call for impeaching Trump, but obviously he is not letting that intimidate him. Looks like we have one member of Congress who is taking his Constitutional duties seriously.

Thank you Rep. Al Green.

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