Priebus says Trump administration has ‘looked at’ First Amendment changes to protect Trump

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Via Josh Marshall, here’s White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus casually acknowledging during a Sunday Show interview that the current administration has been considering constitutional changes to restrict the First Amendment.

KARL: I want to ask you about two things the President has said on related issues. First of all, there was what he said about opening up the libel laws. Tweeting “the failing New York Times has disgraced the media world. Gotten me wrong for two solid years. Change the libel laws?” That would require, as I understand it, a constitutional amendment. Is he really going to pursue that? Is that something he wants to pursue?

PRIEBUS: I think it’s something that we’ve looked at. How that gets executed or whether that goes anywhere is a different story.

Reince Priebus is considered to be the pragmatic one. This isn’t Steve Bannon or Baghdad Spicer piping up with the admission that the White House staff has been internally debating whether the Constitution needs the corners sanded off it in order to soothe a single man’s eggshell-thin ego. This is the the top-notch, top-shelf doof whose job is to rein all the other bozos in.

As Marshall suggests, maybe Priebus didn’t mean it. But “why would anyone assume that?”

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