traffic explodes after Trump tries to shut it down


The counter on says about 40,000 people have visited since it launched early this month, but in the last day alone more than 38,000 people checked in. What explains the explosion of website traffic today?

Check out the site, where you get to bat Donald Trump’s big head around with your pootie paws. What mesmerizing fun! Scratch his face, send his mug tumbling, even mess with the letters in his name. Be a cat with a toy!

Well, it turns out Donald Trump is not a fan of the site, so his lawyerly goons have now twice sent a cease and desist letter to the owner, identified only as “Lucy,” a 17-year-old who created the website to practice her coding skills and enhance her resume.

Lucy originally called her website, but after she received the first letter from Trump’s flunkies, she changed the site’s title to remove his name, since the point lawyers made in the letter was that the Trump name is “internationally known and famous.” Okay, that’s a BS argument but she eliminated his name anyway, and that still wasn’t good enough for Trump, whose lawyers sent Lucy another threatening letter even after she renamed her website. According to Lucy:

“I was going to just let this go, but I think it’s, pardon my French, [f——] outrageous that the president of the United States has his team scouring the internet for sites like mine to send out cease and desists and legal action claims if we don’t shut down,” Lucy told the Observer in an email. “Meanwhile, he tweets about The Apprentice ratings and sends out power-drunk tweets about phone tapping. HOW ABOUT BEING THE PRESIDENT?”

Good job, Mr. Trump! It seems you were as successful convincing Lucy as you were threatening holdouts on the healthcare bill. After you met with them today, even more GOP congresscritters said they were a “no.”

Likewise, until you sent your attack dogs to threaten a young woman, her website had received fewer than 2,000 visits. But since news broke about your ham-handed approach, nearly 40,000 more people have had a blast batting your hateful mug around. Go Lucy! 

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