Papadopoulos probably wore a wire

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I’ve seen this from other people besides Schindler, but this is succinct.


If you’re on Team Trump, you have to now recall every conversation you have had recently with Papadopoulos; and every conversation you may have had with Team Mueller; and if you ever told Mueller something different than you told Papa, you are now a felon for lying to the FBI, and Mueller is coming for you.

I recommend Mueller install some of those theater ropes to maintain order in the line of Trump associates who are going to be showing up to strike a deal.

People have asked for a non-Schindler source. Here goes.

Papadopoulos is described as “proactive cooperator.” Former prosecutor tells me that sometimes means “wore a wire.”

— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) October 30, 2017


Motion 2 seal Papadopoulus charges in JULY show he was “proactive cooperator.” IOW: Been likely wearing a wire, taping calls, for 3 months.

— Kurt Eichenwald (@kurteichenwald) October 30, 2017



Ex-Watergate prosecutor guarantees Papadopoulos has been ‘wearing a wire for months’ and playing ‘dial-a-crook’

— Courtney Weaver (@CourtneyWeaver9) October 30, 2017




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