Now even the WSJ Ed. Board is against Trump, maybe 36% AND colluding with Russia has consequences

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Now even the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board is against Trump, maybe 36% approval rating AND colluding with Russia has consequences.

Don’t forget this is Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal, he owns also Fox News.

They called the Donald Trump Jr meeting a fiasco.

They said Trumps made it appear as if they have something to hide.

Here are two sentences of the article in the Hill:

The Journal noted that Donald Trump Jr. let news of his meeting last year with a Russian lawyer leak without getting ahead of it and then dismissed it as a “nothingburger.” Trump Jr. then released the chain of emails detailing his conversations in setting up the meeting with a Russian lawyer who he was told had compromising information on Clinton. He then failed to initially disclose everyone who attended the meeting.

“Even if the ultimate truth of this tale is merely that Don Jr. is a political dunce who took a meeting that went nowhere—the best case—the Trumps made it appear as if they have something to hide,” the editorial board wrote.

Read more here in the Hill article 

WSJ: Best case scenario is that Don Jr. “is a political dunce”

— The Hill (@thehill) July 18, 2017


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