Nadler’s Resolution to Investigate Conflict-of-Interest and Russia Quietly Killed in Committee


The House Judiciary Committee voted on Tuesday on Rep. Jerry Nadler’s resolution to investigate investments by foreign governments in Trump’s business and ties to Russia. The vote went along party lines, and was rejected. This means that Nadler’s “resolution of inquiry” has been given an unfavourable recommendation and is unlikely to see a vote in the full House.

It has been suggested that the decision to have the committee consider the resolution, not the full House, and the timing of the hearing, which coincides with Trump’s first address to Congress, were an attempt by the GOP to quietly sweep the issue under the rug. And it seems that they have succeeded.

We have been unable to find much coverage of the committee vote, outside ofThe Hill, which reports that the Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlate (R-Va.), called the resolution:

unnecessary, premature, and not the best way for this committee or the House to conduct oversight over the issues covered by the resolution.

Most of the other typical sources are quiet on this topic, overshadowed by coverage of Trump’s speech.

Had the resolution not been considered in committee in 14 legislative days, it could have gone to a full House debate and vote. Now that the committee has voted against it, the chances of it seeing a full House vote are slim.

Nadler’s resolution sparked hope that we were starting down the path of impeachment. Now, it seems that hope has been quietly snuffed out.

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