Michelle Obama has some sage advice for Pres. Drumpf

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama had some sage advice for a man who has so far demonstrated no impulse control, no self-restraint, no class, no empathy, and absolutely no willingness to learn even the rudimentary requirements of the office he unfortunately holds.

Speaking today at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, and without ever uttering the name of he who deserves nothing but utter contempt, Mrs. Obama delivered a whupping in the way only the Obamas are capable of —  ie, with grace, and wit, and with devastating acuity. 

“You need to think, and spell it right, and have good grammar, too,” Obama said to laughs.

Obama said that as a first lady, “Every word you utter has consequences. Words matter at this level.”

“You’re careful with your words. You’re careful with how you debate,” she said. “And I think when you’re the first lady or the president, the commander in chief, and you have that voice, and that power, and that platform, I think what comes with that is the responsibility to know that every word you utter has consequences.”

“You can’t just slash and burn up folks just because you think you’re right,” Obama said. “You have to treat people as if they are precious, all of them, even the people you don’t agree with.”

Here’s the video. Enjoy.

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