Living Vicariously Through Buzz Aldrin’s Eyes

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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Former astronaut, second human to set foot on the moon, and all-around octogenarian badass Buzz Aldrin had the misfortune to be at Trump’s left hand Friday, during a signing ceremony re-creating the National Space Council.

The look on his face during some of the remarks speaks for all of us.

The problem was not in reigniting the American strive to achieve planetary travel or even Trump’s inability to understand Buzz Aldrin’s “Toy Story” quote during his speech. The concern many found was that the president seemed to misunderstand what exactly “space” was.

“At some point in the future, we’re going to look back and say how did we do it without space?” Trump asked, as if “space” was one of the scientists on the team.

Aldrin’s response was obvious and captured on camera.


“One day we will look back and say how did we do it without space?”
-Donald Trump #makespacegreatagain? 🤷🏼‍♂️

— Danny McGinnis (@Ginnis20) July 1, 2017


“Hmm… Well that was pretty nuts.”

Yep. We feel the same way.

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