LMAO – Contents of Seb Gorka’s A** Spilled on Twitter; Readers Respond.

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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

So, nobody’s favorite Nazi Sebastian Gorka was interviewed recently by gun fetish magazine Recoil and we learned some fascinating things about the minor league Mad Hungarian.

“What do you do for fun?
SG: Once a month, I join my FFL for a night of full-auto shooting (Tommy guns, HK MP-5, HK-53, etc.). Rummage through the local comic book/used sci-fi bookstore. I grew up on Doctor Who, 2000AD, and Judge Dredd, and you never get that out of your bloodstream.”

Sounds about right, but he forgot the bi-monthly Major Wolfgang Hochstetter tributes at his favorite East European cabaret.

“Recoil” also posted the things Gorka carries with him every day, causing much consternation and hilarity on Twitter…


At first, I read this as two fleshlights and I totally believed it

— A.Mor (@DionysianDogma) November 25, 2017


Never trust a man who carries all this rough tough stuff, but can't adjust his watch bracelet properly. pic.twitter.com/8WRNjTLNcu

— Paul Holdsworth (@pual9) November 25, 2017



And the emergency kit with lycra Batgirl outfit, blonde wig, and Jimmy Choos alongside MREs, bottled water and Helen Reddy's Delta Dawn cd.

— Barb Calhoun (@barbc9988) November 25, 2017


And his backup Drakkar Noir.

— Frank Mankiewicz (@FrankMankiewicz) November 25, 2017


…why?  Is there warfare going on in the leafy D.C. burbs where he lives?  Is he fighting over where to park the Gorkmobile?

— Erin Altman (@AltmanErin) November 25, 2017


Tourniquet for when he accidently shoots himself.

— DeWinter Zero (@DeWinterZero) November 25, 2017


And, ding, ding, ding…we have a winner, folks…

Looks like someone
A).  Doesn’t fly much
B).  Doesn’t go into gov’t buildings
C).  Never left his moms basement

D).  Has never felt the touch of a woman (over the age of 16)

— Alt U.S. DoD (@altDoD_) November 25, 2017


US fascist leader Sebastian Gorka demonstrates his large rifle, adjacent to his tiny pistol. pic.twitter.com/DDrF8D0mtO

— DPRK News Service (@DPRK_News) November 25, 2017



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