Joy Reid Brilliantly Dissects Trump’s NY Times Interview in One Thread.

@JoyAnnReid / Twitter Joy Reid...
@JoyAnnReid / Twitter

Joy Reid is one of our favorite reporters for good reason, she’s incredibly incisive, as in her breakdown of drumpf’s interview below, all the while lighting up the screen with her million megawatt smile.

Come the apocalypse, I hope Joy is in studio, helping to talk me through it…

Here’s her link to the entire interview…

But, if you’re pressed for time…

I particularly like Joy’s evoking of the “Godfather” metaphor.

I think that that is how Don the Con envisions himself…Don Cornholeone, dispensing largess and wisdom from a corner table in his own little trattoria, puzzled that so few crawl forward to kiss his ring….   

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