Journalist who revealed Neo-Nazi creator of Trump’s CNN tweet now receiving death threats

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@JYSexton / Twitter

Because of course he is, following Trump’s not at all veiled threat against CNN using doctored video from his fake WWE fight with Vince McMahon 10 year ago, the Journalist who revealed the frequently racist and sexist neo-Nazi reddit poster who produced the video Trump used has been receiving numerous threats against his life just as anyone with a half-way functioning frontal lobe could have (and many of us did) predict.

Jared Yates Sexton, a journalist who teaches writing and linguistics at Georgia Southern University, reported Sunday that the president had shared an internet meme created by a Reddit user called “HanAssholeSolo.”

That person made frequent racist and threatening posts on Reddit, including one earlier this month identifying Jewish employees of CNN.

Sexton tweeted Monday that he had gotten numerouts threats — often accompanied by antisemitic and Nazi themes — since revealing the meme’s creator.


In the wake of that, I received numerous threats. I was told people wanted to shoot, strangle me, hang me, throw me out of a helicopter 3/

— Jared Yates Sexton (@JYSexton) July 3, 2017


Now articles are showing up on Neo-Nazi websites, there are videos spliced with Goebbels telling me not to test his patience,” Sexton tweeted. “That one also has footage from Natural Born Killers of a journalist being executed by shotgun. On forums, under my tweets, there’s a list of excerpts from newspaper articles about journalists being slaughter, the details gory.”

CNN contributor Ana Navarro warned Sunday that Trump’s tweet was an incitement to violence, and she worried that the president’s supporters would eventually act on his encouragement.

Yep, apparently they are acting out precisely on Trump’s suggestion.  Remember when someone sent an epilepsy inducing gif to Newsweeks Kurt Eichenwald knowing full well that he suffers from the disease? That person was ultimately arrested. With luck these scumbag white power terrorists will be arrested as well.

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