Journalist Hilariously Rips Trump’s "Real News" Posts, Comparing Them To Hostage Video, Snuff Movie

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Two episodes of Trump TV’s “The Real News,” which is really a vlog on Trump’s personal Facebook page have been reviewed and fact checked by real journalists and the results are farcical.  It goes without saying that Edward R. Murrow is rolling in his grave right now, and according to one journalist even Roger Ailes would be appalled at the lack of fact checking and the unabashed bias of Lara Trump’s and Kayleigh McEnany’s broadcasts. Dare we say propaganda? The Independent Journal Review can and does:

(For clarity, Lara Trump did the first Real News episode)

Let’s just dive right into this piece of propaganda with production values somewhere between a hostage video and something you shot at your low-end college TV station in the early 1990s:

“Hey everybody, Lara Trump here. I bet you haven’t heard about all the accomplishments the president had this week because there’s so much fake news out there.”

Oh God. Yes, the president’s new foul-mouthed communications director trashing his co-workers on the record in the New Yorker and the press secretary and the chief of staff both resigning in protest does tend to crowd out news of other accomplishments. Unless they are something big, like curing cancer. Did President Trump cure cancer this week? Because even I would be mad at the media for not reporting it.


Oooh, stock market:

“The Dow hit an all-time high this week. The stock market is up, the economy is booming, ladies and gentlemen. And, jobs! There have been almost 800,000 new jobs created in this country since Donald Trump took office in January.”

Again, these are upward trends that began early in the Obama administration as the Great Recession ended. This past December was the 75th straight month of job growth under Obama, which set a record. Trump has just been the beneficiary of a few months of solid but not spectacular growth that would have continued regardless of who occupied the Oval Office.

Trump keeps bragging about economic numbers, and it takes a few seconds to show that, if we must go by these metrics, Obama keeps beating him. No matter what:

“And speaking of jobs, Foxconn is a company who has promised up to 13,000 new manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin. This goes back to the president’s campaign promise of bringing manufacturing back to the is country. We’re seeing it happen right now.”

About those Foxconn jobs — there is less there than meets the eye. And Lara Trump should really talk to the workers in that Carrier plant the president bragged about saving a few months ago. Things are working out considerably less well for them.

The journalist, Gary Legum, offers a piecemeal analysis of every piece of fake news in The Real News, episode one. Episode two is likewise dissected by Legum and with the same result in a second article on RawStory about the new “Trump TV Channel:”

“And by ‘channel,’ we mean videos posted on Facebook containing the production quality of a project from a junior high AV club taught by an out-of-work snuff-film director in the mid-1990s,” he quipped.

McEnany said, “On Wednesday the president introduced the RAISE Act. For decades, a steady rise in immigration has depressed the wages of American workers. The RAISE Act will increase wages, decrease poverty, and save the taxpayers billions. Americans deserve a raise, and President Trump is finally putting the American worker first.”

Legum responded, “According to many economists and studies, that second sentence is simply not true, no matter how many adorable children Republicans use to sell the RAISE Act to the public. Even the libertarian-leaning Cato Institute has called b.s. on studies that make the claim McEnany does.”

“And that is it. McEnany needs 89 seconds — including introduction and ending title card — to list the president’s accomplishments for the week. What were those accomplishments? Pinning a Medal of Honor on a Vietnam veteran, taking credit for jobs growth he had nothing to do with, and signing one bill and promoting another that he had had zero hand in writing,” Legum said.

So far, he said, Trump TV has been attractive blonde women “underscored by generic and vaguely patriotic music, giving Trump credit for doing the bare minimum of his duties as president.”

He concluded, “Trump’s old friend Roger Ailes would be appalled at this level of amateurishness.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter adds:

“What’s notable in the segment that she’s doing, the kind of fake newscast that she’s doing, the tone is of course very pro-Trump,” he remarked. “The tone there is that the president has turned things around. Most economists would say that Trump is really building on President Obama’s economy and success in the later years of the Obama presidency.”

“I think it’s notable, the tone of these videos, the way it looks like a newscast but isn’t really a newscast,” Stelter said.

People have been saying the same thing for years about Fox News, that it isn’t really a newscast, in the same vein that the movie, “Sharknado” isn’t a meteorological documentary, but rather a facsimile of broadcast journalism designed to entertain. Fox News indeed pushed the envelope of journalistic standards but “The Real News” has now smashed the broadcast envelope and its version of  “news” is nothing less than fantasy and farce, unabashed, unfactual propaganda designed to indoctrinate.  Still, Trump’s Facebook page is followed by millions. Who knows there this could lead?

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