Is the long con over? 76% of Americans say they don’t trust information coming from the White House

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Is con man Donald Trump’s act wearing thin with the American people? After 200 very long days of Donald Trump in the White House, CNN conducted a new poll that shows the American people are already fed up with the incompetency and unprofessionalism of the Trump administration. Even among his base of core supporters, his approval is plummeting:

Among Republicans, strong approval has dropped from 73% in February to 59% now. Among whites who do not have college degrees, a core component of Trump’s base, just 35% strongly approve, down 12 points since February. At the same time, strong disapproval among Democrats has held steady around 80%.

Even more alarming, only 24% of Americans say they can trust White House communications. Seriously, three-quarters of all respondents said they cannot trust what the White House is telling them:

The poll finds widespread doubts about the veracity of information coming from the White House. Only a quarter of Americans (24%) say they trust all or most of what they hear in official communications from the White House, while more (30%) say they trust “nothing at all” that they hear from the President’s office. (Even among Republicans, only about half say they can trust most of what they hear from the White House.)

The SS Trumptanic is sinking. How we can survive another 3.5 years of this?

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