"I think he’s saying he blew Trump." Twitter Reacts To Anthony Scaramucci’s Latest Tantrum

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Anthony Scaramucci has already had his fifteen minutes of fame, plus he is scheduled to be on Stephen Colbert’s show next Monday, but that is not enough. The Mooch wants to rehash over and over his angst against New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza, calling Lizza, “The Linda Tripp of 2017.” If your memory needs refreshing, Linda Tripp secretly recorded conversations that she had with Monica Lewinsky on the topic of Bill Clinton. Here’s the tweetstorm:

This is a very weird analogy. Why are ALL of you still so obsessed with Bill Clinton? And Hillary too. So awkward.

— Tamara Holder (@tamaraholder) August 10, 2017


If @RyanLizza can't sleep at night, it's only because he can't stop laughing.

— Josh Barro (@jbarro) August 10, 2017


I think he's saying he blew Trump.

— Jesse B (@MacEnvy) August 10, 2017


Tripp taped Lewinsky without her knowledge because she hated Clinton. Lizza taped you because that's what reporters do, Doofus.

— Suzanne Kelleher (@SuzanneKelleher) August 10, 2017


Monica Lewinsky served longer and did more for the public than Anthony Scaramucci.

— Ed Bott (@edbott) August 10, 2017


With your resources you can get the help you need.

— John Weaver (@JWGOP) August 10, 2017


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