Hillary Throws Shade on NY Times While Praising French Election


Hillary tweets this afternoon:

Hmm.  Could this be a response to the (failing) New York Times editorial this morning Two Presidential Candidates Stuck in Time? in which the Times juxtaposes HIllary’s interview last week with the worst of Trump’s lunacy? In which she dared to respond to Amanpour’s questions about the election and North Korea?  To quote one commenter:

This editorial is one of the most disturbing that I’ve read in the NYT, ever. The false equivalency between Donald Trump’s inability to let go of the election compared to Hillary Clinton’s occasional statements on the subject is breathtaking. 

Did the French election hack stir up feelings around the NYT role in publishing the hacked DNC emails? If so it might explain why the editorial board is anxious to say, “move along folks, nothing to see because nothing has happened here, Hillary did not lose the election because of anything we might have said or done.” 

Or the Times editorial and the talking heads on cable all week not being able to deal with Hillary’s honest responses and completely misunderstanding how she could blame both herself and Comey?

Hey Times — this only proves your election malfeasance — At least Hillary reminds us how you helped deprive us of a President who (among so many other things) has a sense of humor.

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