Goldman Sachs CEO who just broke Twitter silence trolls Trump again

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@llyodblankfein / Twitter

Last week Goldman Sachs CEO Llyod Blankfein made news using his first tweet on his six-year-old Twitter account to criticize Trump for pulling out of the Paris accord:

Blankfein added a second tweet reinforcing the need for America to show leadership in the World, something dropping out of the Paris accord does not do:

Now that he has the feel for it and his Twitter account has jumped to 29K followers, Blankfein shared more thoughts on Wednesday, this time about his trip to China, complimenting the Chinese on their infrastructure and calling for the US to do more:

It was an interesting comment since the Trump administration had touted this week as “infrastructure week” and had planned several events and announcements during the week.

But if you had to give this week a name, it could only be called “Comey week”, since Comey’s testimony has been front and center. Trump’s attention doesn’t seem to have been too focused on infrastructure either, tweeting about the DOJ watering down his Muslim ban, Qatar, his new pick for FBI Director, and–of course he couldn’t resist–Comey’s testimony. In other words, everything but infrastructure, a fact not lost on Blankfein, who pours on the sarcasm in this 4th-ever tweet:

Mr. Blankfein, you just got yourself a new Twitter follower.

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