GOP Senator shouts over anchor to stonewall question on pre-existing conditions

Screencapture / MSNBC ...
Screencapture / MSNBC

MSNBC anchor Katy Tur had one question for a Republican senator about the GOP’s latest attempt to strip millions of health care coverage:

Can you guarantee the people of Wyoming that the costs associated with their preexisting conditions will not go up so much so that they will not be able to afford it? 

What Tur really should have asked was: How many times can you interrupt me in the course of a minute-thirty, Senator? The answer: As many times as necessary.

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso didn’t like that question since it would have forced him to explain his rationale for supporting a bill that does just short of nothing to protect people with preexisting conditions from price gouging insurers. So he didn’t. He stonewalled and blathered on about Obamacare and how there would be “more money” coming into Wyoming under the new Cassidy-Graham bill. 

Tur tried a handful of times but couldn’t break through. Barrasso just kept talking and then shouting past her. At one point Tur had to break into teacher mode.

“Let me finish my question, and then you can answer,” she explained to Barrasso, because that’s how Q/A works.

Watch it below, but don’t go in expecting any answers—Republicans have no answers for the tough questions on their latest monstrosity. 

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