Full Senate Called to White House for Briefing on North Korea

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The entire U.S. Senate has been called to the White House for a briefing on North Korea at 3:00 PM Wednesday Eastern. One of many stories about it can be found here.  This is reminiscent of what GW Bush did before striking Afghanistan.  

The move has a number of our intelligence experts all a-twitter.  For example, 

  • Malcolm Nance  
  • This unprecedented briefing on NK is a grave indicator of poss imminent action by US. Will Trump ask for war powers to attack?
  • #BREAKING Trump call UN Security Council ambassadors to WH. Says NK “… a problem that we have to finally solve.”
  • Last 24 hours seen 3 major intell indicators of escalating US threat to strike NK. Haley’s threat, UNSC & Senate to WH. Trouble inbound.
  • WH must have made a decision to strong arm Kim to stop ICBM/Nuke tests but may be miscalculating his resolve. Watch for Accelerated tests
  • US mil moves are small. South Korea w/o leader. NK not mobilized. Still escalating rhetoric not in our favor. NK can lash out 100 ways.


  • Private Joker @pfc_joker
  • Private Joker Retweeted Submarine Group Nine
  • Almost missed this: an Ohio-class SSBN, USS Pennsylvania, is now at Guam. First such port call in 30 years.  (This is a ballistic missile submarine on strategic patrol w/14 Trident missiles w/244 atomic warheads. In Guam. A big stick message per Nance)

I am afraid our POTUS is about to start a war.  It would be in keeping with what we know of him.  The past few weeks have been a disaster, with the only positive comments coming when he used the big guns at his disposal.  He is about to hit the 100 day mark with nothing to show.  His health care repeal was a disaster and doesn’t appear to be on track to succeed.  We have a daily drip of stories about his and his administration’s connections to Russia, his connections to the mob, his abuse of power and his probable violation of the emoluments clause in the constitution.  An attack on North Korea would be a distraction from his incompetence, and, unfortunately, many in this country want to do something about that regime and would see an attack as presidential.  But make no mistake.  This will not be an easy or quick victory.  Many will die.  And it isn’t something he can casually say, after the devastation, “Who knew war could be so complicated?”

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