Fox and Friends Call Lindsey Vonn "Un-American" Cause She Thinks drumpf is a POS

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The idiots at Faux News called the most successful American Downhill Racer in history “Un-American” because she said she would most decidedly not be representing the Resident at the Winter Olympics and would not visit the White House if invited.

Huffington Post

“The Olympic gold medalist told CNN on Wednesday that she was representing the people of the United States, not Trump, at the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea. She added that she would not visit the White House if she won.

In a clip posted by Media Matters, the “Fox & Friends” hosts reacted as one might expect.

Ainsley Earhardt dismissed Vonn as “another Hollywood person who doesn’t agree with the president. Do you think he cares?”

Pete Hegseth said competing in the Olympics is “like wearing the flag in combat, in battle. It’s a team. You’re saying, ‘Well, no. It’s just we’re going to write off our president.’”

Then Earhardt replied with the coldest cut of all about Vonn: “Very un-American.”

Lindsey took a nasty fall today at the Alpine World Cup at St. Moritz Thursday  but she’s a tough cookie and will be ready for the Olympics.

“Pain and I are BFFs. Such is life. Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity,” – @lindseyvonn after crashing out on the final turn at @AlpineSkiWC. #IWILL

— UNDER ARMOUR OUTDOOR (@uaoutdoor) December 7, 2017



Good luck to Lindsey and all the ladies in South Korea next month!

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