Former White House photographer has been expertly trolling Trump on Instagram

Obama White House / Flickr obama laughing...
Obama White House / Flickr

Former White House photographer Pete Souza brought us memorable shot after memorable shot of President Obama’s tenure as our country’s Commander in Chief. The majority of Americans share a feeling of sentimental nostalgia when seeing some of those images now. That coupled with the current administration and its insecure narcissist of a figurehead, is a pretty profound juxtaposition.

Mr. Souza is on Instagram, a photography-based social media outlet, where he has been deftly promoting his up-coming book OBAMA: An Intimate Portrait. Here’s how Mr. Souza has been placing some of his more iconic Obama images.

That’s the stuff.

Looks pretty nice to me.

Connecting with our troops in person, not via Twitter.

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Damn right!

One thing to remember here. Donald Trump and his cohorts may be craven bullies but they are cowards, unable to present themselves to the public with any transparency. Finally, remember when?

They should have investigated him. If it wasn’t for that shadow government of Muslims trying to turn our Chipoltes into Kenyan refugee camps for “bad hombres.”

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