Federal judge allows Hawaii to file amended challenge to Trump’s Muslim ban 2.0


A federal judge on Wednesday granted a motion filed by Hawaii to amend its original complaint concerning Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. The state will now legally challenge Trump’s second Muslim ban signed on Monday. Chris Geidner writes:

“This second Executive Order is infected with the same legal problems as the first Order — undermining bedrock constitutional and statutory guarantees,” the lawyers write in the new challenge.

The lawyers for Hawaii told a federal court earlier Tuesday that they planned to file a challenge to the new executive order on Wednesday.

The proposed amended complaint in Hawaii v. Trump was filed late Tuesday night, however, along with a motion asking the court to resume the case — which had been put on hold — and allow the state to file the amended complaint. US District Judge Derrick Watson granted the requests on Wednesday.

This marks the first legal challenge to Trump’s do-over on the Muslim ban. It certainly won’t be the last.

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