Entire Pittsburgh Steeler Team Will Stay in Locker Room During Anthem. It’s Now About drumpf.

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Andy McLemore / Flickr

The Steelers will not take the field for the national anthem today. Team is in “100% unification” on decision.

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— NFL Network (@nflnetwork) September 24, 2017


Somewhere, President Obama’s favorite Steeler, recently deceased owner Dan Rooney, is smiling.

Rooney famously broke with his Republican colleagues to back the real President during the 2008 campaign.

At his funeral in April the President had this to say about Dan:

“Dan Rooney was a great friend of mine, but more importantly, he was a great friend to the people of Pittsburgh, a model citizen and someone who represented the United States with dignity and grace on the world stage,” Obama said in a statement. “I knew he’d do a wonderful job when I named him as our United States Ambassador to Ireland, but naturally, he surpassed my highest expectations, and I know the people of Ireland think fondly of him today.”

“Dignity and grace on the world stage…”

Boy, could we use a little of that today.

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