Donald’s kids have a plan to profit from the White House: Take the Trump brand downmarket

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The Trump offspring are hard at work trying to figure out how to turn their father’s base of political support into family profit, and they think they’ve found the answer: putting hotels in states Donald Trump won, even if it means developing hotels that are not Donald Trump’s idea of the pinnacle of elegant luxury or luxurious elegance, or however he’d describe his decidedly inelegant aesthetic. In a word, the Trumps are ready to go downmarket.

Last fall, the company announced the creation of a four-star hotel chain called Scion, which is meant to offer upscale service in U.S. cities that could not support a full-fledged Trump luxury property. More than two dozen letters of intent have been signed, though no ground has been broken yet.

Among the possible locations being considered: Texas, parts of the South, and perhaps the nation’s capital, where the hotel would exist with the Trump luxury property in the former home of the Old Post Office not far from the White House. The company is also in the very early stages of considering a three-star hotel chain. […]

Similarly, daughter Ivanka Trump has made a pitch for Trump’s blue-collar supporters by replacing her high-end jewelry line with a mass-market brand.

Are there ethics concerns? Naaaah. They’re just independently using the publicity to benefit the family business and expanding in the way that makes the most sense from a profit standpoint. It’s not a conflict of interest, it’s just plain old capitalism!

As for those conflicts of interest, Uday and Qusay insist they’re not talking to their father about the business they now “run” while he still owns it—and can take profits at will.

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