Dem. Candidate Tom Prigg (PA-12) is Looking for a Chance to Vote for Impeachment in 2018


Tom Prigg, who is running for the the Pennsylvania 12th District, contacted us at The Trump Impeachment to talk about, well, impeaching Trump. We asked him if he’s on record supporting impeaching Trump. He said he’s not on record, but mostly because he’s not been asked. So we asked. Here’s what he said:

“It is in the best interest of our national security to always investigate any public official, no matter what position that official may possess. Our first and foremost priority for national defense is to ensure the security and the safety of our citizens and the preservation of our Democracy. “

“I am in full support of investigations, and if found guilty, impeachment and federal prosecution of Donald Trump.”

Sounds like the kind of guy we could use in Congress in 2018.

In his race, Tom Prigg, a political newcomer, is in tough in PA-12 against the Republican incumbent, Keith Rothfus. Rothfus is a former corporate lawyer with strong corporate backers. Rothfus is a Trump supporter, and seems to be stepping up his support for Trump, at least according to a recent article in the Pittsburgh City Paper.

Prigg is not an ordinary politician. He is a Army Veteran who comes from a military family. Today he is brain researcher at Carnegie Mellon University. He has climbed icebergs in the Atlantic Ocean and has worked as stunt double in the movie A New York Minute. He’s an ordinary guy and a concerned citizen who is “willing to take on our corrupt government”.

Prigg seems like the kind of guy who could help clean things up in Washington, starting with getting rid of the main source of corruption and popular vote loser, Donald Trump.

If you want to contact Tom or contribute to his campaign, here are the details:

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