Damage control: Haley’s ‘trying to reassure’ allies the U.S. can be trusted with sensitive intel

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President-elect / Office

Trump administration officials are working hard to blunt the damage done by Donald Trump blabbering Israeli intelligence to the Russians visiting the Oval Office a couple weeks ago. While Trump blurted out to reporters Monday, unsolicited, that he never even “mentioned” Israel to the Russians (good call, Don!), U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is reassuring our allies that the U.S. can totally be trusted with sensitive intelligence. Haley made the admission Monday while appearing on the Today show, writes CNN:

“I’ve talked with (CIA) Director (Mike) Pompeo on this as well because so much of what I do at the United Nations is based on sensitive information. So much of what a lot of the Cabinet members, what they do, is based on sensitive information,” Haley said.

“We’re trying to reassure all of our counterparts what they tell us is kept, trust, and valued, and we will return the favor,” she added.

This entire episode showcases Trump’s governing capabilities perfectly. He says/does something totally stupid, his aides work to assure people that it’s totally fine and, right as they’re running clean up, he steps all over their messaging with something even more inane. Then he blows his stack and calls them “incompetent.”

They may be—but you built that, Don.

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