Chaffetz Postpones Comey Testimony Before Oversight Committee


James Comey was scheduled to testify before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday. This was by invitation of the Committee, which is chaired by Jason Chaffetz. The invitation to testify was made when the news of Comey’s memos about his meetings with Trump became public. Chaffetz also requested that the FBI hand over all related documents:

Then when Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed, Chaffetz suggested that the plan for Comey’s testimony might change:

Apparently, Chafftez managed to track down Comey’s phone number and has talked to him. Based on this tweet, Comey has asked to delay the testimony:

There was some speculation that Comey would want to talk to Mueller before talking to anyone else, and it appears that is what he is doing. It seems like the prudent thing to do to give Mueller the opportunity to control the investigation. However, it is disappointing news for us who were so looking forward to hearing Comey tell his side of the story.

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