Collapse: Against ‘fierce Democratic opposition’ Trump surrenders on funding for his wall


Donald Trump still insists that Mexico is going to pay for the border wall. Except Mexico stubbornly refuses to send an up-front check for something that would cost as much as their national budget, is designed to wreck their economy, and is basically the world’s biggest and “most beautiful” screw-you. So until Trump figures out exactly how to get Mexico to shell out for a giant slap in the face, there’s the problem of finding that money in your pocket. 

Last week Trump budget director, and chief torturer of both reason and common decency, Mick Mulvaney, proposed that Trump might let slip a dollar worth of health care for every dollar that Democrats provided for hate concrete. Mulvaney insisted that the Wall was a must-have, take-it-or-leave-it item, but his healthcare for hardware exchange was not exactly a deal anyone rushed to embrace.

As it turns out, there was no need to, because faced with the idea of hitting a government shutdown on Day 99 of his regime, Donald Trump appears ready to fold like a gaudy gold napkin in the Mar-a-lago dining and strategic planning room.

President Trump signaled to a gathering of conservative media reporters on Monday that he may be open to delaying the funding of his proposed border wall.

The president said — according to tweets from conservative media at the gathering this evening — that his administration could get the funding for the wall this week or they could come back to it in September.

That’s not to say that a spending bill coming through the Republican-controlled congress won’t contain any number of attempts to deprive, assault, and humiliate the average American—it’s what Republicans do. But at least people won’t be forced to cover a shipment of rebar in the cost of their next flu shot.

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