Clapper tells Australians Watergate ‘pales’ in comparison to the Russia saga

U.S. Coast Guard / Flickr clapper talking...
U.S. Coast Guard / Flickr

I have to say when your former Director of National Intelligence says he understands if Aussies don’t want to share intelligence with the U.S. We are not in Kansas any more Toto…

Clapper is in Australia and told the press club today that he would understand if Australia wanted to withhold intelligence from the US. The headline though from my local paper of course was on his response to Watergate comparisons questions:

Watergate ‘pales’ compared with Donald Trump, says former US intelligence chief.

The “more balanced” national broadcaster (bit like PBS) went with a more sober:

Donald Trump’s Russia links will dwarf the Watergate scandal, says James Clapper…

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