Business Insider UK: "This is not the behavior of a man. It is the behavior of a man-child."

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Business Insider is usually a rather staid, conservative publication, but after days of watching drumpf’s Rolling Crap Waddle Review bumble it’s disastrous course through Riyadh, Israel, Rome and Brussels, they, like most of us, have finally concluded that that other half of America’s President is, in reality, a junior high school class clown.

Prefacing his take down of drumpf, Josh Barro recounts Greg Gianforte’s schoolyard bullying of a much smaller Guardian Reporter last night and Laura Ingraham’s ridiculous take on the assault:

Did anyone get his lunch money stolen today and then run to tell the recess monitor?

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) May 25, 2017


Noting that reporting the assault to the Police (recess monitor) is the correct response in adult world Barro rips the GOP before slinging some virtual ink on our Idiot-In-Chief:

“Yet, as Kevin Glass notes, “conservatives” in the Trump era tend to think not like adults, but high-school boys, vaunting the sort of ideal of masculinity that might be imagined by a socially maladjusted 15-year-old and tolerating in our political leaders the sort of behavior that a guidance counselor would never accept.”

Barro laments that while the GOP has for many years sold itself as the Machismo Party, it has now given itself over to a man who claims the mantle of Alpha Male, takes on none of the responsibility associated with that role , dodging the draft while playing solider in Military School, firing Jim Comey then blaming Sean Spicer for the fallout, who brags about his real and imagined sexual conquests like a sophomore virgin in a really bad coming of age movie.

Then he gets to the meat.

 “This is not the behavior of a man. It is the behavior of a man-child. Donald Trump surrounds himself with fellow man-children who behave in a similar manner. And a great many American voters eat it up.”

Why? Well, one reason is that many men in America right now have little to offer women. They do not live up to either to the old, chauvinistic standards for adult men or the new, egalitarian ones. They want what Trump has — the women, the money, the brass-plated apartment — without having to do better or be better to get it.

They think they’d be better off under a return to high-school norms, where men could “be men” but really be boys, and gain status through cruel dominance plays without bearing any real-life responsibilities.”

So, this is where we are in America, 2017, back in High School, with the worst of the jocks and their vapid cheerleader girlfriends, like Ingraham, in charge.

And it’s BI validating this.

Sleep on that if you can.

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