Breaking: Senate Reports Clinching A Deal "Reining In Trump On Russia," per The Hill


The Hill just reported that Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker announced that the Senate has reached an agreement that would preclude Donald Trump from lifting current sanctions against Russia, without Congress weighing in first:

The Senate has clinched a deal reining in President Trump on Russia, according to a key senator involved in the talks.

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said lawmakers have struck an agreement that includes allowing Congress to weigh in before Trump can lift current sanctions against Russia. He said staffers are now reviewing the legislative language.

“I think we’re there. We’re going through the [legislative] language in here now, but we’ve reached an agreement,” Corker told a small group of reporters.

He added that the language “definitely” includes congressional review, which would give Congress oversight over the lifting of sanctions, but Corker didn’t specify if it includes new sanctions on Moscow.

“It’s what we did on Iran. So I would like to have congressional review on everything we do. … It’s basically set up much like we’ve done on other places,” Corker said said.

His comments come after senators signaled earlier on Monday that they were closing in on a deal on Russia sanctions.

Lawmakers have been locked in talks for roughy a week about adding new financial penalties on Russia, limiting Trump’s ability to lift current sanctions or impose new ones. The Russia measure would be added to a separate Iran bill that is on the Senate floor.

This is a breaking story and it will be interesting to see how it develops. Vladimir Putin must be shitting a brick. And what is Rex Tillerson going to do about the $500Billion deal that occasioned this measure?  Ay yi yi. The deck of cards you stacked just didn’t stay that way, Donald. Sad. 

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