A White House reporter went rogue and livestreamed the press briefing despite video and audio ban

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The White House has continued its unprecedented streak of off-camera only briefings. For reasons they refuse to explain, the norm in the White House is now to refuse any video recording of the official White House press briefings. In many cases they are now banning audio recordings! The policy is remarkably un-American. Listen as the multiple White House Press Corps reporters repeatedly question White House spokesman Sean Spicer about the camera ban, reminding Spicer his salary is paid by the taxpayers and he has a duty to report to the people of the United States. His answers are as pathetic as this entire failure of a presidency. In fact, this about sums it up.

After the back and forth exchange, one reporter in the press corps began livestreaming. From the Washington Post:

At every White House news briefing since June 29 — and many before, too — President Trump’s spokesmen have ordered a room full of smartphone-toting journalists not to film the session or even broadcast live audio. On Wednesday, one reporter defied the White House by streaming live sound of the briefing online.

Ksenija Pavlovic, a former political science teaching fellow at Yale who founded a news site called Pavlovic Today, used the Periscope app to stream audio of Wednesday’s briefing. She tweeted a link to the feed:

Join “Audio-only” live streaming of the White House #PressBriefing with Sarah H. Sanders  https://t.co/kWRyf4wbAq

— K. Pavlovic (@ksenijapavlovic) July 19, 2017


Will Ksenija Pavlovic and/or her organization lose White House press credentials? Will other reporters defy the audio and video ban and go all in? Stay tuned.

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